Friday, August 26, 2016

Kiss It Better

Dear friends,

I believe i'm overwhelmed with so many things right now. Not even in a bad way. Its mostly because of boys. Yes, boys. I'm single now and I have spoken to and met so many boys and girls. I'm confused on how I feel. A boy could be cute but is he going to waste my time? A girl could be beautiful but am I ready to really date a girl? There is this one guy, he doesn't go to school with me but I talked to him all summer. I have this sort of feeling for him. We haven't spoken in about a week and I don't if he has moved on or if he feels the same way I feel right now. It can't be in love, just can't. I'm not ready to love anytime soon.

Here's my dream situation as a teen girl right now: a guy that is just funny and unique. Actually has a personality (my last boyfriend made watching paint dry look fun) and someone who isn't afraid to talk about things on their mind. Someone that isn't happy all the time and I could help them and vice versa. Someone that can just be themselves around me. Most importantly, someone that just think of me as just a female body and an actual girl with feelings. Someone that will respect me and not lie to me. I'd love a boyfriend/girlfriend that will kind of be like my best friend too.


Hey, a girl could dream. I mean, what girl my age doesn't have these feelings. Its natural! I mean, I think what society has screwed up is what a teenage girl is. Unless you are or have been a teenage girl, you have NOOOO clue what's its like. And even if you were a teenage girl once, you have no right to tell how they should feel right now because not every teenage girl is the same. We could do the same things but we all don't live the same lives.

I hate how parents think that their daughters shouldn't hang out with boys because they are obviously going to have sex. Sex isn't a big thing. Either you want to or not. Personally, i'm not interested in sex at all. I mean, I like to actually get to know a person. And I know not everyone is like me but you shouldn't deny that there are probably other teens that feel the same way. Instead of keeping girls away from boys and have them go to college with no idea how to even talk to a boy, teach boys how to treat a girl right. Like its not okay for them to sleep around and just be called "boys being boys." Because if a girl slept around, she'd be called a slut or whore. That's another thing, people need to stop worrying about other people's business. Slut-shaming is something that has gotten out of hand. A woman could sleep around and still have plenty of confidence. If a woman sleeping around bothers you, you should get a life.

done for tonight.


Jade xoxox

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