Sunday, August 14, 2016

born Again

I'm back after a bit of a break. I thought about it and during the summer time, I didn't really have anything to talk about so I decided to wait til school started again to start writing again. So here I am, a week into the school year. The week wasn't ultra exciting nor ultra boring. It was just like any other school week: you wake up early, go to classes, come home. Maybe it's because i'm not as social as I used to be. This summer taught me to be more independent when it comes to having friends. I don't want to keep trying seek out people that have the same music taste as me. Yes, you listen to The 1975, that's cool. I can't build a friendship off of that.

I guess you can say i'm bit of a loner. I don't talk to anyone, usually just keep to myself. I eat alone at lunch, walk to classes alone, sit alone on class. It's not a bad thing at all, it's actually great because everything is going at my own pace and I don't have to wait up for people. Maybe Junior year will just be my loner year.

Another thing is I see a good friend of mine going into a stupid, pointless relationship. I mean, the guy is a total loser compared to how great my friend is. He only wants her for her body and I know it for a fact. My friend tends to date losers and i do not know why. I tried telling her that she's wasting her time with that guy of course, like any other love struck teenage girl, she won't listen. So i've decided to just let her do her own damage. I feel she has to get hurt in this situation to learn from her mistake. Is that a good thing to do as a friend is my question?

Time can only tell

-Jade xx

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