Sunday, July 10, 2016


Life as a sixteen year old black girl in 2016 is well, you can't put a textbook definition for it. It's a difficult yet empowering time. I'm going to be a Junior in high school soon so that's a big step. I have always heard bad things about Junior year so fingers-crossed i'll have a smooth ride. Oh, who am I kidding, its going to be so stressful. BUT I must say positive because I can't risk a freak out. I think a couple deep breaths and LOTS of food will help me. Speaking of food, I hope my mouth nerves feel better soon!!! Those stupid dentist people didn't tell me crap about the healing for these fillings. I can't eat a lot of things and I can't chew on the right side. I was eating a burger today and I bit on the onion and the pain was like no other; I felt as if i bit into concrete.

Well, wish me luck to future eating

-Jade xx

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